1538 Newbridge Road, N. Bellmore, New York 11710
Nassau County, Long Island


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Article by Sarah

  • by rori
  • Jul 10, 2014

Last Thanksgiving I went to visit one of my favorite cousins in Portland, Maine. At dinner she confessed that in her 32 years of living she had never been to a strip club…so I decided it was my job to take her. What happened next sparked this question and interview. 

The gentlemen's club in Portland had to be one of the most depressing places I have ever been. The dancers were working so hard for $2 measly dollars from some hairy wharf rat. My cousin and I were saying…"why don't women own strip clubs?" “We'd could run the best club.” I set out to find out why more women don't own gentlemen's club, which lead me to the amazing Rori Gordon who owns Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore, NY. 

Here is Rori's story. Rori kills stereotypes like - are only 'damaged' women strippers, why don't' more women own clubs, and how difficult has her life been as an unconventional woman? Hope you enjoy and keep an open mind. Email me anytime anything: sarah@heyfrase.com

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